Feasibility study for Turbine Manufacturing and Testing Facility in Nepal


Project Date

            June 2012-June 2013

Funding Source


Activity Leader

          Dr. Hari Prasad Neopane

Project Leader

            Prof. Bhola Thapa

Total Fund

            500,000 NOK

The main objective of the technical survey team in this project is to identify the specific erosion potential of sediments in major basins of Nepal. Following are the specific objectives of technical survey team in this project:

  • To collect sediment samples from all types of existing and proposed hydropower projects in Nepal, considering turbine types, geographic lòcation, size.
  • To examine Particle Size Distribution (PSD) of collected samples to estimate particle size variation at different locations of a hydropower and to identify critical sediment size that pose challenge to hydraulic turbines.
  • To perform mineral analysis of the collected sediment samples to analyze mineral content variation at different locations of a hydropower and to quantify sediment minerals harder than turbine material that has caused technical challenge in turbine manufacturing and its operation.
  • To conduct experimental investigation of collected sediment samples for estimating erosion rate (material loss) of a chosen material so that the results will be helpful to identify feasibility of turbine manufacturing and testing facility in Nepal.
Combine sieve analysis graph for headwork samples
Turbine Distribution in HP of Nepal Under Construction
Trinocular microscope used for mineral analysis