CRHT-VII Full Papers

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Paper No. Title Author-1st
CRHT2017-01 Hydraulic Efficiency Measurement of Two Small Hydro Power Plants in India using Thermodynamic Method Bhupendra K. Gandhi
CRHT2017-03 Development of an accumulator system for a pulsating Pelton nozzle Thomas Lindseth Bergflødt
CRHT2017-05 Design and Operation of a Francis Turbine with Variable Speed Capabilities Else Høeg Sundfør
CRHT2017-06 Development of Tool for Aerodynamic and Structural Design of Wind Turbine Shrabya Ghimire
CRHT2017-07 Effect of erosion induced guide-vane clearance gaps on the turbine’s performance: A numerical and experimental investigation Sailesh Chitrakar
CRHT2017-08 Modeling and simulation of hydropower plant in Scilab Erik Rognaldsen
CRHT2017-09 Simulation and analysis of FCR operation of a Francis turbine Anna Holm Aftret
CRHT2017-10 Numerical investigation of tip leakage vortex  Vegard Fredriksen
CRHT2017-11 Design and CFD analysis of Pico hydro turgo turbine Sudish Gyanwali
CRHT2017-12 Development of a Francis Turbine Test Rig at Kathmandu University-I Morten Grefstad
CRHT2017-13 Development of a Francis Turbine Test Rig at Kathmandu University-II Andreas Kjerschow
CRHT2017-14 Planning, start-up and testing on a pipe flow loop for the investigation of transient characteristics Eirik Myrvold Hansen
CRHT2017-15 Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of Pressure Sensors used for Dynamic Measurements Aase Sørum Melaaen
CRHT2017-16 RVR Mitigation Methods in Francis Turbine Livia I. Pitorac
CRHT2017-17 Numerical Investigation of Flow Field subject to Vibrating structure Sondre Leonhardsen
CRHT2017-18 Investigations of a Harmonic Oscillatory Flow Isak Bergset