CMHydro: Condition Monitoring Of Hydropower Plants In Nepal Owned By NEA (2020-2023) 


  • Identification of general and specific problems in hydropower plants in Nepal along with investigation, determination and finalization of the possible parameters for condition monitoring.
  • Determine respective instrumentation & data acquisition system and develop reference data set for condition monitoring.
  • Develop a monitoring program and perform fault detection in real time.
  • Development of procedure/standards for conducting condition monitoring in Nepalese hydropower plants

project Team:

Co-principal Investigator Dr. Sailesh Chitrakar KU
Activity Leader Dr. Ram Lama KU
Researchers Mr. Prajwal Sapkota; Mr. Amul Ghimire; Mr. Nischal Pokharel KU
Project Date September 2020 to August 2023
Funding Agency Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)


Condition monitoring as name itself is a part of predictive maintenance process to detect faults in machine components.  This project (CM Hydro) is joint collaboration between Turbine Testing lab and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) which aims for general and specific problem identification of NEA owned power plants for the study and implementing condition monitoring process in Nepalese power plants. Six power plants have been selected for the study process which includes power plant ranging from one hundred & forty-four megawatts to one megawatt projects. Similarly, it includes power plants with all types of turbine available in Nepal i.e., pelton, francis and bulb turbine types. The power plants are Devighat Hydropower Station, Seti-Phewa Hydropower Station, Puwakhola Hydropower Station, Chatara Hydropower Station, Gandak Hydro-power Station and Kaligandaki Hydropower station. The project aims for further analysis of condition moni-toring parameters to predict developing faults in the hydropower plants.

Similarly, a separate study is being carried out to which expects to reduce erosion by using optimization techniques for the runner of Kaligandaki Hydro power station at variable speed operation

Figure: Status of realtime transducers and sensors for different parameters in Nepalese HPPs
Figure: Pressure measurement at inlet of turbine at Panuati HPP

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