Ongoing Research Projects at TTL

Ongoing Projects

A. Funded Projects

FranSed Project

Francis turbine for sediment laden water (2018-2022)

EnergizeNepal Project (ENEP)

Establishment of center for design, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment for hydropower plants in Himalaya Region at Kathmandu University (2016-2021)

UGC Project

Experimental investigation of sediment erosion in Francis and cross-flow turbines (2018-2021)


Condition Monitoring of Hydropower Plants in Nepal owned by NEA (2020-2023)

Energize Nepal for Micro Francis turbines (ENEP-MF)

Design and installation of simplified Francis turbine 14 kW for Micro HPP (2018-2020)


Development of river water pump for irrigation purpose (2018-2020)

Maibeni HPP

Design of hydro-mechanical components in Maibeni HPP (2018-2020)

Accomplished Projects

PEEDA: Performance testing of a Turgo Turbine (2018-2019)

SEDIPASS: Erosion in Guide Vanes and it’s effect on the performance of Francis turbines (2015-2019)

KETEP funded Project: Development of sand erosion proof 20 kW micro- hydro class cross- flow turbine and its site demonstration in Nepal (2015-2017)

RenewableNepal Project: Development of guidelines for welding repair of hydro-turbines (2015)

RenewableNepal Project: Incubation of Turbine Design Services as a spin-off company from TTL and developing competences for designing and manufacturing Francis turbines for low head applications (2015)

Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) Nepal Project: Development of test rig and competence at KU Turbine Testing Lab for performance testing of microhydro turbines manufactured in Nepal (2014)

RenewableNepal Project: Capacity Development for Utilization of Reversible Pump Turbines in   Nepalese Hydropower Projects (2013-2014)

NORAD Supported Project: Feasibility Study for Turbine Manufacturing and Testing Facility in Nepal (2012)

RenewableNepal Project: Development of Hydraulic Turbines with new Design philosophy as a foundation for Turbine manufacturing in Nepal (2010-2013)