Ongoing Research Projects at TTL

Ongoing Projects

A. Funded Projects

EnergizeNepal Project (ENEP)

Establishment of center for design, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment for hydropower plants in Himalaya Region at Kathmandu University (2016-2021)

UGC Project

Experimental investigation of sediment erosion in Francis and cross-flow turbines (2018-2021)


Erosion in Guide Vanes and it’s effect on the performance of Francis turbines (2015-2019)


Francis turbines with variable speed operations for sediment laden projects (2018-2022)

Energize Nepal for Micro Francis turbines (ENEP-MF)

Design and installation of simplified Francis turbine 14 kW for Micro HPP (2018-2020)


Development of river water pump for irrigation purpose (2018-2019)

Maibeni HPP

Design of hydro-mechanical components in Maibeni HPP (2018-2019)


Performance testing of a Turgo Turbine (2018)B. Academic ProjectsUndergraduate Projects for 2015-161. Design and Development of Stand-alone Solar and Reversible Pump Turbine Hybrid model
2. Parametric 3D CAD model development of Francis turbine
3. Design and Development of Pressure Tank for Turbine Testing Lab, Kathmandu University
4. Laboratory setup design and testing of 5 kW Cross-flow turbine with consideration of sediment erosion
5. Sediment Erosion in Guide Vanes of Francis Turbine
6. Performance Testing of Cross Flow and Pelton Turbine at TTL
7. Performance Testing of Low Head 7 kW Francis Turbine at TTL8. Design of Rotating Disc Apparatus (RDA) and study of sediment erosion in cross-flow turbine runner at laboratory conditions
9. Study of Sediment Erosion in Guide Vanes of Francis Turbine10. Aerodynamic Performance Analysis and Fabrication of Small-scale Wind Turbine

Accomplished Projects

A. Funded Projects

B. Academic Projects

Undergraduate Student Projects 


  • Flow visualization and experimental analysis of Guide Vane through PIV
  • Development of a scale down wind turbine for wind tunnel testing
  • Experimental and Numerical Study of performance of model Reversible Pump Turbine
  • Development of Tool for Aerodynamic and Structural design of Wind Turbines
  • Hydraulic and Mechanical Design of Bifurcation for Hydropower Projects
  • Study of Vibrational Characteristics of 1.6kW Reversible Pump Turbine
  • Computational and Experimental Study of an Ultra Low Head Turbine
  • Development of Hill Chart Diagram for 92kW Francis turbine using Computational method
  • Comparative study of CFD result of airfoil with different solvers
  • Study of hydromechanical component of Chauri Khola HPP


  • Flow simulation and strength analysis of a complete model of Francis turbine designed for Tarakhola
  • Robust mathematical modeling and design of Francis turbine in Matlab
  • Transient simulation of a 100 KW Cross Flow Turbine at various opening angles
  • Designing a simplified test rig of Reversible Pump Turbine at TTL for Chilime HP
  • CFD Analysis of Pelton Runner
  • Experimental Study of Shrinkage Effect due to Welding Repair of Pelton Runner on Torque Generattion
  • Development of micro-hydro Pelton turbine test rig at TTL
  • Heat Treatment Optimization of 13/4-Cr/Ni Stainless Steel
  • Aerodynamic design of a 4-6 KW Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for Captive generation in Nepal
  • Feasibility study of small scale wind turbines in Nepal
  • Design and Modelling of small scale wind turbines at arbitrary conditions using QBlade
  • Study of Ultra Low Head Hydro-turbine in Nepal
  • Performance analysis of Tesla turbine
  • Computational optimization of a Wind Turbine
  • Use of Rapid Prototyping machine for manufacturing Francis turbine components
  • Use of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) for flow visualization